We are a community of like minded health seekers with a mission statement of Inspiring Healthy Living around the World!

NOW is the best time ever to join in!  We have a SPECIAL for Summer 2021! Through Aug 31, 2021, the enrollment fee to become a Partner & share JP+ professionally is waived!! Start your personal JP+ online store, and earn a 10% discount on your own orders immediately AT NO COST TO YOU!  Earn up to 15% commission + generous bonuses as you share with more people. 

We have tools, solutions and a focused product line – so we don’t have to be an expert on a catalog full of products.   This is Whole Food Nutrition from fruits and veggies designed to help anyone – it’s a ‘One Size Fits All’ nutritional support.

We know people are busy, so we have super easy training on line options to help our team share & inspire effectively and with integrity.  Do your life and take JP+ with you, becoming a partner can fit into anyone’s life.

Enjoy the short videos below and help us Take Healthy Back!  One by one we are creating a ripple effect that is changing lives and Inspiring Healthy Living around the World!

This first short video explains a little more about Juice Plus+.

  • What's Juice Plus+?

Does Juice Plus+ make sense to you?  Now look at the next clip showing how easy it is to ‘Do your life and take Juice Plus+ with you’.

  • How EASY is the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise?

The next video clip shows how our Virtual Franchise is changing lives… #HelpersHigh #PassionandPurpose

Changing Lives.

There are 3 options for getting involved with our Mission

  1. You can start or continue to add Juice Plus+ to your prevention plan.  Our customers are the very reason that our mission exists.
  2. Or, if you have thought about someone in your life that would benefit from Juice Plus+ and our  resources, consider joining as a family user.
  3. Finally, if you recognize that almost everyone needs more nutrition, and see the value to share with others,  then we invite you to join our Mission to Inspire Healthy Living around the World!!  You can bring more health and hope to the world, and more financial peace to your family and anyone who joins you.

Is there anything else you would need to know to be ready to get started today?  Questions?  Reach out to your personal JP+ Partner, or via email here: 

Click here to hear stories of real people, just like you, who are Juice Plus+ Partners!

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